This programme is copyright BBC. It is posted here in qualified breach of copyright for the use of historians and researchers into miscarriage of justice. If the BBC require it, the film will be taken off the internet.


This is a film from the second series of the BBC Series "Rough Justice". It was transmitted in 1983.

Dealing with one of the most notorious cases of miscarriage of justice ever to take place in Scotland, its research led directly to an appeal in 1994 - which was rejected .

The producer of the programme, Peter Hill, continued researching the case and got it back into the Court of Appeal in 2008 - only for it to be dismissed again. You must decide for yourself whether the original film raised enough questions for the conviction to be overturned. If you think it did, then it is to the eternal shame of the Scottish judicial system that justice has still not prevailed after 27 years.


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