This programme is copyright BBC. It is posted here in qualified breach of copyright for the use of historians and researchers into miscarriage of justice. If the BBC require it, the film will be taken off the internet.



Transmitted on 3rd April 2011, this film covers the entire quarter of a century during which the BBC's "Rough Justice" programme investigated miscarriages of justice in Britain.

It was made by Steve O'Hagan and Bob Woffinden, whose seminal book "Miscarriages of Justice" covered some of "Rough Justice's" early cases.

The programme also covers in part the "Rough Justice Affair" of 1985 - 86 which is covered in greater detail elsewhere on this website.   Movie will start automatically when it has buffered a little. Requires Internet Explorer.
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There is more about the general history of Rough Justice elsewhere on this site. A full report on the extraordinary events when the Lord Chief Justice Lord Lane determined to kill off the "Rough Justice" programme - and the cowardly reaction of the BBC to Lord Lane's tirade - can be downloaded and read in a special report elsewhere on this site.