What can I do to help people like George Beattie? Some suggestions


In Scotland there are efforts to set up an all-party law reform group who will debate areas of law where they think the judiciary and the government have not kept in touch with the mood of the public.

If you would like details of this group, or simply to keep in touch with developments, please email


where your email address will be added to a list of interested parties.

Or, you may care to join such a group in England and try to persuade it to help with reform of Scottish Law.

The most appropriate group would be :


59 Carter Lane



email admin@justice.org.uk

telephone 0207 329 5055

Membership inquiries should go to Liz Pepler 0207 762 6427

or lpepler@justice.org.uk

Membership fees depend on the role or position of the person applying.

 Annual Membership Fees:

Solicitor: 60

Barrister 60

Judge 60

Academic 40

Retired Lawyer 40

Student/trainee/pupil 21

Associate ( non-legal) member 40

The JUSTICE website is at www.justice.org.uk