Other possible explanations.

The only other possible explanations are not supported by any evidence.

(i) Did Steel leave Delius Avenue to go home at around 8:30 - and stay away until almost lunchtime, i.e. returning when Mrs Best was crying?

If this had been so, his absence would have been noticed at the morning tea break - and the gardens manager, Bernard Barron, had recently been checking up on workers "skiving off"

(ii) Did Steel go home twice - at 8:30 and then again at about 10:30, after the tea break?

Not only is there no evidence that he made two such trips, but Mrs Ames at 7 Delius, remembered two gardeners working in her garden for an hour at sometime in the morning in question. So Steel was clearly in the gardens for at least an hour that morning. And, according to Mrs Ames , the gardeners worked in her garden first and then moved across to Mrs Bestís house later. This supports a suggestion that Steelís visit to his home in Langdale Road took place after the tea break - therefore after 10:30 am.


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