Undisclosed statements.

These may be important to you. Watch for comments in statements saying " second interim report" or "Further to my earlier statements" etc. Also check if the date on the statement is realistic. Would the police have interviewed this witness earlier than it says on the statement? If so, is there an earlier statement?

You should list these "undisclosed" documents. They could give you important information. The solicitor on the case might care to ask the police or the Crown Prosecution Service ( CPS)  for them. However, past experience of this is not happy - and asking too early  may give the police the opportunity to "lose" the evidence you are asking for. If the CCRC asks the police for the documents., it is a far more serious matter.


If you get to the Court of Appeal, you should ask again for these documents - and any others that were not disclosed. The Court of Appeal is a body that most police officers are actually afraid of.