Mark Stephens.

Stephens, Innocent - media solicitors. Mark Stephens is senior partner at Stephens Innocent, media specialists. Mark's involvement with art and the media has lead to his becoming a champion of freedom of expression and of speech. His human rights work has placed him before the European Court of Human Rights and the United Nations. Mark has worked on such leading cases such as the Taylor sisters, Friendly Fire, Brind (the Broadcasting ban) and Wingrove. His work for the estates of Matisse, Picasso and Utrillo and for Antoni and Alison, Boggs and Anthony Noel-Kelly have made him the Honorary Solicitor to the Contemporary Art Society; he also represents a wide variety of celebrities and conducts the libel and First Amendment work for nine United States newspapers whilst being involved in libel actions in this country. Mark is the Chair of the Solicitors' Law Festival and of the Policy Board Internet Watch Foundation and sits upon the National Committee of the Law Society on Public Relations.

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