Tom Sargant died in 1988. The Memorial lectures began a year later. The speakers have been:

(All biographies are as when printed)

1989 - Sir David Napley - a noted campaigner for justice.

1990 - Marshall Houts - last surviving member of the Erle Stanley Gardiner "Court of Last Resort"

1991 - Debate on the Royal Commission on Criminal Justice.

1992 - Michael Zander - Professor in Law at the London School of Economics

1993 - Lord Taylor - the Lord Chief Justice.

1994 - Mrs Barbara Mills, Director of Public Prosecutions

1995 - Lord MacKay, Lord Chancellor of England.

1996 - Lord Woolf, Master of the Rolls.

1997 - Lord Irvine, Lord Chancellor of England.

1998 - Michael Mansfield Q.C., leading Defence counsel.

1998 - Marlene Winfield, Senior Policy Officer, Legal Services, N.C.C.

1998 - Mark Stephens, solicitor, Stephens Innocent, London.

1998 - Anne Owers, Director, JUSTICE.

1999 - Lord Williams of Mostyn, the Attorney General.

Transcripts of lectures:

1992 - Michael Zander - "The Royal Commission's Crown Court Survey" ( on juries)

1993 - Lord Taylor - "Consideration of reforms in progress."

1994 - Barbara Mills - "Justice for all - All for Justice".

1995 - Lord Mackay - (currently not available)

1996 Lord Woolf - " Civil Justice is important as well."

1997 - Lord Irvine - "The development of Human Rights in Britain under an incorporated Convention on Human Rights"

1998 - Michael Mansfield, Marlene Winfield, Mark Stephens and Anne Owers" - "An agenda for reform for the next ten years."

1999 - Lord Williams of Mostyn, the Attorney General. - "Work still to be Done"


Every year the lecture organisers publish a brochure of topical articles with the lecture. The following are a few of these articles which were either significant in their time, or are still applicable to the situation today.

"Children and Criminal Justice" by Allan Levy Q.C. ( 1994)

"Soft on Miscarriages of Justice and Soft on the causes of Miscarriage of Justice" by Louise Christian.

"The legal Wilderness of Police Interrogation" by Andrew Sanders and Richard Young.

"Scottish Criminal Justice" - Professor Christopher Gane (1996)

"The Royal Commission's Report & Prevention of miscarriages of justice" - Michael Zander ( 1993)

"The psychology of false confessions and ways to improve the system" - Gisli Gudjonsson ( 1993)

"The Case of the Mysterious Motorcyclist." ( the Neil Edginton case) - Peter Hill

"Home Office under Fire" ( the dangers of visiting prisoners) - Peter Hill

"The first year of the Criminal Case Review Commission" - Glenys Stacey (1997)

"The Carl Bridgewater Case" - an interview with Jim Nichol. (1997)

"Bad Timing" - Peter Hill - the scandal of parole procedures.

"The Forgotten Man" ( Future Problems) - Peter Hill.( 1997)

"Unsung Heroes" - the story of Hugh Pierce and the case of Iain Gordon Hay. - Rachel Pierce (1999)

"Tom Sargant's Fabian Pamphlet- How Miscarriages are Caused"

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