A worrying factor at the trial was that Carol Wilkinsonís arms bore nail marks typical of a struggle. Steel claimed he couldnít have made such marks. He showed the court that his nails were bitten down to the quick. However, it was clear to the jury that he might have deliberately bitten his nails to the quick after he was arrested.

Now dramatic new evidence has emerged proving that Carol Wilkinson was scratched by the hands of her murderer - and that Steel was telling the truth about his nails. Two photographs prove the case.

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Steelís isolation from his children is the key to the new evidence. They cannot have learned the habit from him, it must be an inherited trait. It clearly supports Steelís contention that he always bit his nails and could not have inflicted the nail marks on Carol Wilkinson.

In fact Steelís entire family has a strain in the genes that makes them bite their nails. This remarkable new evidence is causing interest in scientific circles, for nothing like it has ever come to light before. It suggests that certain habits are caused because of the physical make-up of an individual and that habits, be they good or bad, can be inherited from a parent.